Men’s Sexual Issues

Male sexuality was designed by a loving Creator who had a significant purpose for His creation. Male sexuality is not something to fear, despise, or idolize. It is something to understand, accept, and use within God’s plan and purpose.

A proper understanding about the purpose and significance of male sexuality has suffered severely in our society.  You would be hard put to find a man who has not had his perspective of his own sexuality damaged and infected with unhealthy beliefs, attitudes, misinformation and behaviors. Men can be hardworking, responsible, and wholesome in every other way, but still struggle with a distorted sexual preoccupation that overtakes their inner life.

Unhealthy sexuality can range from simple illicit fantasies to dangerous or illegal behavior. Problems men deal with can include sexual preoccupation, objectifying women, compulsive masturbation, pornography use, sexual addiction, affairs, solicitation of prostitutes, and more.

Unhealthy sexuality can result in isolation, dampening of personality, memory problems, escalation, irritability, depression, anger, relationship conflict, loss of self-esteem, and problems with the law. Probably the most profound effect of unhealthy sexuality is the relational barriers it raises between a man and God, between a man and others, and between a man and himself.

To help you determine to what extent you may struggle, try an online sex addiction screening test here.

I offer men a confidential but intensive program of therapy to bring their sexual life under the control of Christ and into the light of balanced, healthy, and wholesome expression.

If you are a man struggling with sexual issues of any kind, please call for an initial session to determine if this program is right for you. Take the above screening test and bring the results with you to your initial session.